24-12-2019: Compounding disabled:
Since 1 January 2020 we will disable the possibility of compounding. If you want to do a new investment you have to buy an investment plan and deposit with one of the available payment processors. Using your account balance for buying a new investment plan is not possible anymore.

30-06-2019: Migration to new server:
Our website was offline since last Friday because our hosting provider had problems with their server and they migrated all users to a new server. This took several days and that's why we were not online. Because our hosting provider didn't inform us about this, we could not inform our members about this problem. We apologize for this.
But we are happy that we are back in business again and our site is online again.

22-03-2019: Other Website launched:
Dear Clients!
Today we launched our new (other) investment site with 3 complete new investment plans and we are glad to welcome you on Cash Palas.
We will do our best to make the best investment service in the market.

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